Spirit Earth Medicine is an invitation to drop directly into your soul wisdom as a Women, Spiritual couple, or Parent of a Spirited Child.  This is the voice aligned with the essence of who you are on a soul spirit level. I’m inviting you to remember. I’m inviting you to awaken and connect with your soul wisdom to ground this profound energy here on earth NOW! Discover your wisdom. Share your voice. Embrace your medicine!

Are you aligned with your purpose? If not, allow me to guide you back to the remembering process of this journey. We all have a unique expression that is HERE, right now in this moment. Listen. Listen to the questions that you may have? As you ask, the confirmation of a bird chirping, wind blowing, or fire felt within your solar plexus , will align you with the brilliance of your inner guidance. We each have a unique soul expression that is tailor made to shine brightly when our Truth is being offered as a gift. As light beings, we are all energetically connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are the energetic channels that house the marriage of both of these energies, converging at our powerful higher heart center. The frequency in which we pulse is felt beyond our knowing. We are interwoven, connected, and ONE with all of creation.

Gaze into my eyes, feel my support, and meet me at your heart. I will remind YOU. Through the web of inter-connectedness, you equally remind me in this moment to reflect on the medicine that is YOU, that is I, that is WE, the sea of Oneness. Feel the rippling momentum from my heart, extending beyond the ocean of time to every living being on the planet. Feel the ripple of transformation upon this paradigm of unity, divine love, and re-connection to our Earth Mother.

I will guide you to embody the spiritual and ground it here on the earth. You will transmute the fears, limiting beliefs, and conditioning patterns into a field of infinite possibility, wisdom, and freedom. It’s time to connect with the earth, grounded as a taproot, creating a solid foundation to launch into your Divine unlimited purpose. It’s time to create magic. Are you ready? Inhale the energy from mama earth up to your crown, awakening the serpentine life force energy. Exhale the magnificent breathe of spirit, flying on the wings of an eagle. Feel it flow like a river through your body. Imagine these two powerfully vital energy channels balancing your being. Are you ready to dive into the ocean of potential through this process, fully surrendered, and knowing that you are supported? Integrate this medicine and awaken your unique soul wisdom through love, inspiration, healing, balance, activation, and to actively engage and participant with YOUR supreme life.

I offer individual sessions, group conference calls, workshops, retreats, and in person sessions while at home in Encinitas, CA, or while being of service on the road, traveling to converge with the earth, other tribal members, and sacred earth spots across the planet.

Be the Change! It’s time to Activate your potential!

~ Aho Mitakuyu Oyasin
(To all of my Relations. To Oness and Harmony with all forms of Life)