Over the past 12 years I’ve personally lived the following 7 Spirit Earth Wisdom Life Principles. It’s an honor to share them with you, and to help you consciously design your own life AND to trust in the process.   Some of us are on this journey with the desire to evolve with my conscious awareness, including myself!  So,  as I grow and evolve and deepen into my own life I want to continue sharing my life discoveries with the intention of being of the highest service to YOU and the planet!

7 Spirit Earth Core Life Principles

My life’s mission is to help people to author their lives by bringing to life these 7 Spirit Earth Core Life Principles:

  1. Purpose: Knowing and living your Purpose through connection with Spirit.
  2. Prosperity: Creating the Income to Support Your Goals and Purpose and embrace Prosperity Consciousness as a way of life by living the Laws of Attraction.  We live in a world of energetic exchange. Money IS one of these energy forms in the physical.
  3. Nutrition: Creating a physical foundation for energy, clarity, increase in consciousness, and optimal life force energy.
  4. Movement: Body Movement for health, joy, freedom, and life force vitality.
  5. Personal/ Spiritual Growth: Daily Practice and connection with Mother Earth, Ritual, Ceremony,  Meditation, Create stillness and space to hear your own soul wisdom, while establishing a greater connection with Great Spirit, or the Great Mystery.
  6. Relationships: Building Healthy Intimate Connections with Self, others, and our planet.
  7. Fun: Bringing joy, lightness and humor into life. Playing like a spirited child. Experiencing and allowing one-self to enjoy pleasure.

 “All of these integral pieces create the self-care, motivation, and inspiration to live a life fully aligned, connected, and activated with Spirit.”

~ Sonia Reece


~ Aho Mitakuyu Oyasin
(To all of my Relations. To Oness and Harmony with all forms of Life)