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Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your answer and to tune into your inner guidance to offer you the answer. It’s important for you to answer these questions with intention, and from a grounded and connected place within. I invite you to answer them in a quiet place, outside in nature, after a meditation, or any other perfect time for YOU. Think with your heart!

1. What’s currently going on in your life that you would like to be an active participant in shifting?

2. What is your current Personal /Spiritual Growth Practice? If any.

3. Are you ready for personal and spiritual transformation?

4. What’s your optimal life look like? Get creative and dream BIG.

5. Are you READY to experience the powerful, confidant, courageous, and authentic Women that is YOU? Do you see her? What does she look and feel like?

6. Are you ready to move beyond your fears, conditioning patterns, limiting beliefs, and anything that is not serving you in your highest and best good?

7. Are you ready to removed obstacles or blocks in your life, with guidance and support?

8. What are your top three frustrations or fears in your life that are keeping you from living your optimal potential?

9. Are you ready to tap into your heart and allow your Soul Wisdom to unleash its secret potential? Do you know your current Soul Wisdom super powers (innate gifts)?

10. Do you have any personal blocks about tapping into the energy of money, abundance, and to allow this energy to ground you into your life through personal freedom? If so, what are your blocks?

11. Are you ready to commit your life in this moment for your personal and spiritual growth process by spending time daily and weekly to “do the work.”

12. Are you ready to transform your life over the next 3,6,9, and 12 months? If so, what time frame to you envision us working together?

13. Are you ready to commit to your personal transformation to unveil your Soul Wisdom purpose?

14. Please include any additional comments: