Group Healing and Counseling Sessions

Conference Calls

  • Basic Soul Call (One month):  Living the 7 Directions Conference Calls (Four 75 minute weekly calls)
  • Awakening Soul (Three month): Awakening  the 7 Directions
  • Illuminating Soul (Six Month):  Illuminating the Soul through living the 7 Directions:
  • Embody the Soul:  Embodying the 7 Directions
  • Ongoing Customized Program
  • 10 Private Coaching Support Calls and Home Soul Play
  • 18 Private Coaching Support Calls and Home Soul Play
  • Private Coaching

Women’s Talking Circle Healing Rounds

Themes and Topics are always evolving/shifting for  the expansion of personal and spiritual growth. Remembering the Sacred, Powerful, and Potent Feminine Warrioress that resides within YOU.

  • Living in the Sacred
  • Medicine Tools
  • Honoring the Dark and Light
  • Sacred Feminine Moon Ceremony
  • Buffalo Women- Sacred Sexuality
  • Earth Wisdom
  • Burning/Releasing Ceremony
  • Medicine Making
  • More Spirit Earth Medicine Wisdom Teachings

Rites of Passage Ceremony and Life Rituals

  • Blessingway: A Blessing Way was traditionally a Navajo Ritual created to spiritually support and empower the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood. Focuses on the Rite of Passage and Blessing for the family opposed to the gift giving rituals in Modern day “Showers.”
  • Children:  Completing/Beginning a 7 year cycle: Nursing completion. Any transitions that the children are approaching or experiencing. It’s important for us as parents to honor these transitions and release the energetics so the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect in the child is received, honored, and facilitated to a more equanimious state.  Raising holistic and balanced beings of light!
  • Home: Space clearing, intention setting. Feng Shui. Creating a balanced and harmonious home space for you to live in peace and activate your manifestations from a clear foundation space.
  • Women’s Talking Circles: Supporting womens empowerment for greater Spiritual growth and awareness.
  • Couples: Union Ceremony and Relationship Transitioning

Soul Wisdom Talking Circle Sister-Play ~ Living the 7 Directions

One month to Six Month Programs. Diving into the center of your soul ,  embodying your spirit, while feeling the supportive energy of your sisters. Do you trust women? Do you love yourself? Are you aligned with your heart’s purpose? Are you connected with your sexual potency potential? What’s your relationship with Mother Earth? What landscape most resonates with your soul?

  1. Learning the medicine: Establishing connection. Trust. Source activation
  2. Intuition
  3. Speaking/singing your truth
  4. Following the beat of your own drum. One heart beat at a time
  5. Follow your compass; Solar plexus juicy wisdom: Womens’ embodiment
  6. Creative, sensual co-creatrix : What’s your archetypal super hero powers?
  7. Ground It! Proclaim it! Jump! Foundational launching pad into your