Work With Sonia Reece

Are you ready to tap into your Vibrant Heart and allow your Soul Wisdom to unleash its secret potential?   As your Spirit Earth Wisdom Facilitator, I will assist you in living a more connected, inspired, love filled, abundant life, and open the channel for you to embody your innate truth . Are you ready to tap into the energy of money, abundance,  love, connection, intimacy, purpose,  and to allow this energy to ground you into your life through personal freedom?

Does your luminous soul wisdom seek Divine love, sensuality, truth, and creativity, and empowered soul expression?   You will be guided and supported through your journey of opening and awakening to heal ancestral trauma and karmic attachment, and to courageously step into the potentiality of your life force energy. This juicy energy will overflow into all expressions of your being!  I will facilitate you in grounding your potent wisdom.  Are you ready !!!????

Sessions will Re-ignite your Passion, Purpose, and unleash the Wisdom within……Open your heart and allow the Love to flow!!

Listen to your heart, she is deeply inviting you to take the next step into your life purpose. These sessions will assist you in illuminating your strengths, while releasing any blocks, such as:  fears, conditioning patterns, limiting beliefs, and shadows of the mind, that are in the way of your authentic true nature.  Once released and healed, you are now ready to open and receive your Soul Wisdom.  I am committed to your optimal success by holding you accountable through guided support. I will see you through the eyes of love throughout your journey.  Are you ready to fully harness your unique expression and share authentically? Are you ready to embody the Empowered Feminine Leader, that is YOU? This process will begin the journey of re-awakening your soul wisdom.  You will be guided and supported.  Each session will be customized to your individual and unique process. This work is focused on forgiveness, trust, self-love and the development of practical tools to meet challenges.

The Spiritual energies supporting your path will guide you to take right-action and will align you with your path as long as you are willing to say YES and commit the process.

Surrender. Trust. Receive. Allow. Magnetize! Embody your freedom. Are you ready?

Are You Ready?

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