Projects – Sacred Support Work

Spirited Single Mama’s Empowerment Circles

The call to support women through empowerment has been strong and fierce! Single mama’s have been placed along my path lately, seeking greater support. WE have been chosen as strong women, to RISE up and embrace our lives fully!!

I’m on the other-side of many years of struggle, fear, and challenge. The call to support women through empowerment is strong and clear.  YOU are NOT alone.

The first circle will be held to RECEIVE (operative word for women;) your specific needs. Is it emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, or?? Where’s the imbalance in the way that you are raising your children and being called to show up in support of your families basic, primal needs? We will create a “resource,” list and create an “action plan,” for our time together and beyond.

This is an organic process. We will discover together as we trust in these next steps. Surrender. The path will unfold through our courage. I’m really excited for your empowerment and freedom!

Spirited Young Eagles 

Mentorship for Young Boys – Introducing wilderness survival and primal arts.

  • ** This project is in the development phase**

“When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken.” Inca prophecy

The intention is to co-create an empowerment and support network for young boys/teenagers that are being raised by “single” mamas (however not limited to). Feeling the Divine alignment to connect with leaders and empowered adults whom feel the call to co-create a program for boys and beyond. The vision is to not only create a mentorship program for young boys, however, the intention is to also create balance and heal the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies through conscious relating.  I’m envisioning a mentorship program, where “empowered,” men are open to listen to the wisdom of these boys while offering spiritual/physical/emotional guidance to kids that may not have the opportunity to engage with positive mentors.

The unfolding… My Story, or the Vision that I received through Spirit.

This idea was birthed out of my own need as a single mom. Elijah’s father is present 6 months of the year. As his mom, I’m listening to his Spirit/Soul needs. I can offer the female perspective to life. My commitment to Spiritual/Emotional/growth is my deepest desire and commitment while in human form. However, I would like to offer him a masculine/warrior perspective that I biologically cannot fulfill…ever. Nor do I want to pretend. I gave up my sword a few years ago as I became an “over-masculinized,” feminine…Imbalanced in Self and especially in Relationship. No bueno. At the age of 7, I offered Elijah a Rites of Passage ceremony with men in the community. They swam and cleansed in the ocean, we held a ceremony at dusk around the potent fire (alchemical transmutation), and the men/boys went on a walk-about on land at night….No flashlights or “chatter.” The intention was to mimic tribal nature awareness/survival/and potentially feel fear as to activate, be-coming Self-Reliant and strengthen Elijahs connection to Source. (UP until this point, I have been his SOURCE for his survival/emotional/physical needs, etc) The next 7 year cycle is preparing him to trust his own character, connection with Spirit/Source, create his own choices, listening to his inner warrior (intuition), survival, instinct, connection, purpose, nature, sexuality, community, emotional intelligence, and beyond the mind/body/spirit/soul potential of an infinite man!

Intention: It takes a Village to Raise a Child. It takes a tribe of men to facilitate the raising of a balanced masculine young warrior.

My role as a mom is to raise Elijah to live his Optimal Potential, NOW. Why wait until he’s 40 to finally express his purpose, or to heal aspects that were never fulfilled as a boy/child/adolescent.
So, the vision progressed from my own individual need to include the greater community, and beyond. I envision the following potential components:

1) Mentorship- One-On-One “Big Brother/Warrior” mentorship. Spending time weekly or bi-weekly or situational. The focus is a weaving between listening as an elder Warrior, intently to the Young Warrior. What kind of Warrior is this little one? For example, Elijah is a Peaceful , Justice oriented, intellectual, witty, mischievous, and kinesthetic earth loving individual(and more, I’m biased) How could we support his spirit to continue thriving and striving to live a balanced, aligned, activated, loving, and fully embodied life!! I’m imagining that as Men, this would be a perfect opportunity to mentor AND heal your own inner Young Wounded/Spirited Warrior (Men committed to Spiritual growth is a must, while balancing the potency of the ego, and taming the aspect of the Ego by viewing the YW through the eyes of humility, compassion, connection, awareness, vulnerability, and beyond.
2) Young Warrior Trainings/playshops/etc~ Theme oriented.
For example: Low/High Ropes Course goal oriented experiences (facilitating growth through kinesthetic ropes course to translate a similar goal in school/life/sports/inter-personal relationships) or skill oriented activities such as archery, Tom Brown School of Survival skills or Nature Awareness/Skills activities, connecting to Spirit through nature/spiritual emotional.
3) Monthly/Seasonal- Young Warrior Tribal Trainings/Gatherings
Camping. Connecting with the elements (ocean swimming, night forest walks, hot dessert walks). Archery training. Sweat lodge as purification and ceremony specific to men/boys. Age appropriate relationship/sacred sexuality/appreciation discussion,
4) Ideas, Concepts, and or Skills: Honoring ancient practices of honoring the earth, Martial Arts, Survival Skills, Tracking, Music (drumming), Creative Expression through Masculine, Permaculture, Green Building projects, Archery, etc.