My Story

My life experience ranges from traveling all over the country as a tour guide leading individuals into wilderness areas for the first time, to teaching yoga and massage, coaching women through empowerment, co-creating holistic health businesses, hosting workshops and retreats, and discovering and cultivating my intuition throughout the journey.  My own personal medicine journey has invited me to “do the work,” and “be the change!.”   If not, I could have lived on the streets as a single mom, continued on a road of depression, given up my power throughout my birthing experience,  and stayed in abusive relationships. NO WAY!

I recall one of the pivotal times in my life. I was living in Baja, CA, two months pregnant, and in a emotionally abusive relationship with, at the time, an alcoholic. I reached my “enough,” point. I was standing outside under the moon and the stars screaming. “God, what’s next? I need your support NOW! I feel to my knees in anguish and started beating my fists on the earth between sobs. After the release, I felt SO much better. I got up, breathed in the fresh air and fell asleep in prayer. From that point on, I had established an energetic umbilical chord with the Creator and all of Creation.  I would ask a question, and I learned to listen and receive the answers through my intuition. However, I’ve always knows deep in my soul that I was meant to evolve, grow, expand, and share my purpose by empowering women with my courageous story. My life is SO vibrant, abundant, and my connection with Spirit and the Earth have anchored my experience on earth even greater.

I believe that regardless of what we’ve experienced in life, we all have the potential to transmute our beliefs and embody our innate soul wisdom.  The “work” is tuning into the Spirit Earth Medicine and listening deeply from this place of soul inspired wisdom.  Our “medicine,” or “challenging,” experiences in life invite us to rise up and move from struggle to breakthroughs. These experiences are most often the gift that we share with the world! This is your unique and sacred story! Through my own personal spiritual growth process, I’ve realized my own sacred power, strength, resiliency, courage, dedication, expansion, unlimited love, self-reliant nature, integrity, and a heart of a warrioress of the soul…

My life experience is vast! I’ve traveled across the world, lived in 3 countries, speak fluent Spanish, home birthed my son as a single mom, home-school my son, make choices about my body and the earth that are in high integrity with the sustainability of our resources and planet. I’m choosing a life that is conscious, through communication, food choices, growing gardens, body wellness and awareness, and raising my son in a mindful way.

I value integrity, honesty, courage, strength, sustainability, self-reliance, freedom, and unconditional living and loving.

I have twelve years of Studying, Practicing, and healing myself through various Integrative Healing Practices. You can often find me out in nature, hiking, laughing with my son, belly dancing, yoga, swimming in the ocean, facilitating women through empowerment, loving unconditionally, hands digging in the garden, and offering gratitude for Spirit through ceremony ritual and meditation.

I’m an entrepreneur, health coach, business mentor, trainer, speaker, and author specializing in helping women envision, create & design the life they really want and deserve.

I believe that we can completely author our life, and that we can have it all – health, prosperity, amazing relationships, connection with all of creation, happiness, meaning, and balance – without compromise. Embracing ease, grace, flow, and living your optimal potential!